Are You Someone Else’s Lifeless Tool?

Are You Someone Else’s Lifeless Tool?


A process by which your mind focuses, thereby acknowledging what is manifest.




A process by which your mind embraces that which you have witnessed.




A phenomenon of being with that which exists, eternally.


Your mind is awake when you are engaged in one of the three processes listed above. 

When your mind is awake, you are active. You exist.

Your mind is asleep when you passively consume information.

When you absorb news, videos, social media, music, chatter…you are absent.

Anything you see, hear, taste, smell or touch that grabs your attention,

And yet bypasses your faculties of concentration, contemplation or meditation is simply, an act of forgetting your own self,

Your own power, your own eternal timelessness.


Your submission to passively consume is your surrender to being someone else’s lifeless tool.


Your willfulness to concentrate, contemplate and meditate is your birthright and claim to your own power to exist.



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