High Functioning Anxiety: True Life Stories

Look. Everyone who has ever achieved anything has struggled with (at least) a handful of signs and symptoms of anxiety, all the while still showing up. Achievers are high-performers who surf the edge of stress and what it tips over into (hello, anxiety). Voila! High Functioning Anxiety. These stories tell the truth. (Names, identities and exact jobs or key details changed to protect the innocent and honor my NDAs.)

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As if struggling with the varied signs and symptoms of high-functioning anxiety are not enough, the medications I take for my body’s other troubles add more nasty variety to the mix? Are you kidding me?

No. No, I am not kidding you.

SIDE EFFECTS. Before we get started.  Who came up with the tidy colloquialism known as 'side effects'?  You know...those effects that are the not-desirable deliverables of the selected pharmaceutical?  Big Pharma…