Doing Your Best Yet You Are Still Anxious, Screwing-up, Afraid of the UNKNOWN…and, Perhaps, Failing? What to DO? Victory Starts HERE: With Your WORD DOMINATION!!


Failures, Screw-Ups and Unknowns…


…would make anybody anxious.  Right?

Think again.

Words are so much fun because, well, there are so many of them to choose from.  (You can never get bored.)  Pick a mood.  Pick a word.  Ignore a mood.  Ignore a word.  Like a word.  Share a word.  Steal a word.  Don’t like a word.  Forget a word.  Invent a word.  Say a word.  Write a word.  Think a word.  Laugh a word.  Cry a word.  Spit a word.

Choose your words for your songs and then ask others to sing along…or just talk to yourself.  Either way, it’s fun.  Plus, it is important.  Guess what? WORDS ARE A BIG DEAL.  TO YOU.  FOR YOU.  Words make or break your life…your job, your relationships, your past…your future…your today.

Lucky you:  Words are labile – and they are completely under your creative control and authority.  You can use them – or not.  And, there is no associated guilt when you refuse to use a word.  You can stare any word in the face and just say NO, NOT TODAY BUDDY. 

Guess what?  You can even say NO to the words someone else says.  Just stare that word in the face –  you know how to do it – and just say NO, NOT TODAY BUDDY.  (You did not know that?  Oh, yeah.  It’s true.  You can like the person and still reject the words coming out of that person’s mouth.  No problem-o.)

If you have not yet realized it, you can bask in the realization now:  It is your birthright to enjoy domination over words!  YES.  Let the sense of lionhearted power invigorate you as you stake your claim right now!

Traditional Definitions.  You Don’t Really Want These, DO YOU?

Failure: 1. the lack of or not-even-coming-close-to victory 2. an unsuccessful person, thing or event 3. gut-disturbing non-performance, defeat, collapse, loss

Screw-up: 1. a bungle, mess, disaster 2. the mismanagement of a task or responsibility (even worse: in front of observers) 3. a thing incorrectly or, worse, pointlessly executed 4. a total embarrassment

Unknown: 1. the uh- DUH – terrifying state of being not known 2. the unfamiliar, dark, cannot-be-good misfortune 3. the dangerous, risky what-next

Anxiety:  1.  the something-will-go-wrong feeling 2.  a state of uneasiness and tension about what might be…there. or here. or then. 3.  the feeling of being provoked by worry even as the sun shines bright and you have not a care in the world


Why Use Those Old Fart Definitions When

You Can Embrace New, Improved Redefinitions!

Repurpose Your Words and Light Up Your Life!

Failure: 1. the end of the old, buh-bye 2. the beginning of something new, the starting line, hello, horizon, here I come! 3. a part-of-the-process, a bump-in-the-road, a monkey-wrench 4. a step UP on the path to success 5. a fuck-you to everyone 6. information

Screw-up: 1. a sign of innovation, new-thinking 2.  a metamorphosis! 3. the natural consequence of trying before-you-are-dead-and-never-have-another-chance 4. a clear signal of what may-not-work  5. an exercise to practice resilience and perseverance (an inner workout, folks) 6. the makings of future advice…or at least great story-telling

Unknown: 1. An exciting new personal mystery show 2.  a creative challenge 3. a new opportunity 4. a chance to explore 5. a soon-to-be best-seller 6. the next best thing 7. the NEW YOU 8. fresh air

Anxiety:  1.  feedback that you are not satisfied with your current condition 2.  evidence of your being a vulnerable beginner 3. a cue it is time to take care of yourself 4. a hint that you are about to upgrade your reality 5. proof you have a nervous system 6.  confirmation you are interested in something that has meaning – and fed up with a life being run by other people’s values

Tchah!  Take THAT.  Old Definitions, Be GONE.


The Self-Induced Context of Feeling Awful: Fix It – or SUFFER!

There is always a feeling behind a word.  When you communicate with yourself or someone else, you aren’t just putting one letter behind another.  You are constructing a feeling.

You believe in the words you use…and take in from others.  You do.  So, pay attention.  To yourself. To your words. To the words you allow in to your sacred domain – you.

Is it time to eliminate a perspective that does not work for you?  To throw away an obsolete belief?  Then, repurpose the word.  Get into Mind Conservationism. Prevent self-injury, decay or waste!  Preserve the life of your noodle! Protect your human spirit by supervising the natural resources of your thoughts: preserve and protect your mind through prudent management of your words!!  All hail Mind Conservationism! 

Do I hear a marching band?

By now you know that WORD DOMINATION starts and ends with you and in you.  The words you use to tell yourself – and others –  your old story, future story and new story make it what it is.  Exactly.  What. It.  Is.

What’s yours going to be?