Passwords To Your Software. Are You Ready To Let The Deletions Begin?!

Your usernames are obvious.  It is what you call you, yourself.  Depending upon your view of the world at any moment in time, you will use “I” or “me”.

“I” when you are aware of your actions and “me” when you are aware of others’ actions.

You are not interested in any other usernames.  What happens is only interesting to you as “I” or “me”.

Passwords.  Words that allow you to pass.

Everytime you speak a word there is a vibration created.

Like the two halves of a bow tie, the vibrations spread out in two opposing expansive triangles.  Only, unlike the bowtie, the vibrations do not stop where they begin; nor do they stop at the end of the fabric.  They are infinite.  One group of vibrations goes out.  To the universe.  One group of vibrations goes in.  To your brain.  To your body.

The vibrations that go out from you effect the community around you.  They effect the consciousness of others.  What people think and believe about their universe because of you.  What people expect from you…because of your words.

The vibrations that go into you effect you.  They effect your own consciousness.  What you think and believe about you.  What you expect from you…because of your words.

The vibrations that go out from you are like the passcodes to others’ software programs.  Your utterances cause, in others, a download of opinion, reaction, gossip and other responses.  You know that:

Tell a mother her child is an ugly, stupid, misbehaving runt and you will get one response.

Tell a graduate his degree is as good as toilet paper and you will get one response.

Walk up to someone in Starbucks, and say “Loser”.  A software program will download from the “Loser’s” brain.  Wait a sec and you will find out what it is.  If you ask someone else to go to the same person and call him “Loser” again, you will observe the same program is downloaded.  You can predict future behavior based on past behavior because you have seen the demo of the software.

It is the same case in your own Self.

The vibrations that go in to you in the form of words (whether they are spoken outloud or spoken silently in the form of thought) – that are somehow transcribed into brain chemistry and electromagnetic messages – are passwords to your programs.  And, if you haven’t already figured it out, your mind offers more in the way of software than Amazon, Google and Apple combined.  Constantly-updated.  Interfacing and Integrating in Real-Time.  User-friendly.  Ready to run.

Your utterances cause, in you, a download of opinion, reaction, gossip and other responses.  From you; To You.  Did you know that?

In the human mind, the software programs run simoultaneously and integrate with each other.  Just like Hubspot integrates with Word Press and Survey Monkey and Salesforce…each one making the other easier; each one taking and using data from the other; each one complementing the other to serve up a whole experience…so it goes with the programs dowloaded by the words in your mind. They are passwords to whole experiences.

It takes discipline to listen to another person.  It takes even more discipline to listen to yourself.  At least when you are speaking with another person, that person can give you a whack if you drift off and don’t pay attention.  “Hey! Listen to me!”  The other person wants to be heard and will get your attention to make you listen.  But is it like that with yourself?  Do you listen to yourself?

The words you say to yourself are the most important words you say.  What are they?

We seek out stress relievers, pain reducers and execute all kinds of tactics to numb or allay our concerns.  What if, instead of waiting for the stress, pain and concerns, we prevent them?  Don’t these unpleasent and destructive experiences, after all, originate with our words?  Aren’t they, after all, defined by our words?  Words beget programs.  Programs beget programs.  Is it possible that many of the programs we are running are not our first choice, and all we have to do is change our words? Or…just not login?  Most practically, is there any harm in using different words to create new programs?

What program downloads in you when you say “I am a genius” versus “I am an idiot”?

What program downloads in you when you say “I am worthy of love” versus “I am such a loser.”

Choosing your words requires focus and discipline.  But once your new words – passwords – start the download of different programs, you will see other software integrations take place.  It will be you who creates a whole new experience.

It is true that words are part of the prescription for preventing disease, illness, strife, hardship and pain.

So, let the deletions begin. 

What words will you delete?  Which phrases will you remove?  In their place, which words will you add?  Which programs will you allow to run?