Judgement is the state of BEING RIGHT and KNOWING WHAT IS WRONG, DAMMIT. How could that be a TRAP? How could that cause ANXIETY? Where, oh WHERE, would we be without JUDGEMENT? This World Would FALL APART, I tell you. It would be total CHAOS. What is WRONG WITH YOU, you free-thinking troublemaker? What would happen to this world without JUDGEMENT?!?

I dunno.  You decide.

When you filter everything through the screen of your reference point, you wrap yourself inside the safety of a custom-built summer lanai, right?   Whatever does not match your reference point stays OUT and whatever does, is allowed IN.  Oooh, it can be a screen with teeny, tiny, tightly woven mesh that gives you absolute control of what gets to you.  Until…one day, you find yourself starting to feel like you are sitting inside a cage.  Instead of keeping all of the danger OUT THERE, you realize you are trapped IN HERE.

Like an animal restricted to limited motions in a contrived, controlled environment, you will find being in a cage feels…strange.  You may begin to experience stress, anxiety…even terror.  Eventually, you will feel an urge to escape…to break free…to remove the barriers between you and the life OUT THERE…regardless of the risksYou will let go of being RIGHT in favor of not-knowing.  And, in a flash, you will let judgement fade away behind you as you walk into the exhilarating atmosphere of a fresh perspective.

Or, you may just lay down, crushed by the weight of the judgement that got you there in the first place, and suffer the stiffening paralysis of your habit of BEING RIGHT…while you listen to your shallow breath as you die a slow death of overwhelm and fear…in your self-imposed exile within the safe, dense webbing of WHAT IS RIGHT.  Your liberation will be your death.  The epitome of safety will be the hole in the ground, where you will lie, six feel under, forever.

What’s it gonna be?