Oh, I know You’ve Thought It: I May Kill the Next Person Who Tells Me to ‘BE HERE NOW’.



I may be thinking about tomorrow, but I am here now.

Okay.  I may be thinking about yesterday, but I am here now.


What does BE HERE NOW mean, anyway?

And what gives anyone the right to say that to me?

Is it pop-psychology, new age, yoga-boga, meditation bullshit…? 

Is it a prescription?  …words from the priest, rabbi…imam?





Did I ask for your advice?


Don’t EVEN think of saying it – if you want to live through the next minute.  I am serious.  Back.  OFF.


Okay.  Perhaps I was being a bit rash.

I won’t really kill someone who says it.


So, what you are saying is that

I have to be thinking about HERE NOW to be HERE NOW?

What about yesterday?  I still have to work that shit out.

How could I be here now when I am not done with yesterday?

What about tomorrow?  I have to strategize!!  I have to plan!! 

…are you trying to mess with my MASTER PLANNING FOR LIFE?

How could I be here now when tomorrow needs tending?


Can you explain ‘be’?

Are you suggesting I am not supposed to think…like…at all?


It’s a real question, you prig.


I will tell you one thing:  I am not going to be here now with you. 

I will BE HERE NOW with ME.

So, fuck off.