Worried about the UNKNOWN? There is no such thing. Nope.

You, my friend, are freaking out over a very specific known.  It is the known your mind conjured as what could be.  So, if you ‘fear the unknown’, you can stop it right now.

Own Your Known.

Then you’ll just have the UN.  And who could be afraid of a little UN?

Let us discuss that creative brain of yours. 

  • It is capable of envisioning how to apply your talents and skills for great goals and purpose.
  • It is capable of fantasizing a fairy tale world where things only go right.
  • It is capable of imagining a big bad world where things only go wrong.
  • It is capable of ignoring yesterday and tomorrow while focusing only on what is present today.

WHATEVER it does, it does with gusto.  Because your mind experiences the world in five ways (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste), it also adorns any and every inner world it creates with sensory details.  The more time and attention your mind devotes to what you create, the more intense you feel about it.  Furthermore, the more resources you devote to imagining your creation, the more you feel it is real…and the more you seem to KNOW IT. 

I remind you:  There is no such thing as the FEARING THE UNKNOWN.  If you feel fear about something in the future, it is because you fear a specific version (that you have invoked).

BUT DR CASE! THERE IS SUCH A THING AS THE UNKNOWN!!  THERE IS!!  THERE IS!!!   Yes.  Why, yes, there is.  I agree.  However, the actual UNKNOWN is UNKNOWN because it is impossible for you to sense it.  The UNKNOWN has no shape, color, sound, fabric, odor or flavor.  You cannot run around it.  You cannot go inside it.  You cannot run to it or away from it, because it’s not even there.  You cannot fear what is truly unknown, because you can’t say a darn thing about it.  It is not knowable.  Even if you are struggling with a good ole Existential Crisis – meaning, you question your reason for being, and you seem to ‘know nothing’ – your mind is identifying something specific to complain about.  Something about you that is either ‘not enough’ or ‘too much’ …and, so, here we are back at the KNOWN.  What’s known is in your head.  There is nothing UN about it.

Look.  This is not a criticism.  This is a wake-up call.  Your claim that you fear the-thing-you-have-total-control-over (your ‘UN’-KNOWN) can go away, right now.  Because it’s your mind.  Because it’s your world. You create it. You choose the words.  You choose the imagery.  You focus on it.  You intensify it.

I insist you stop blaming the unknown for your worries.  DAMMIT!  It’s time for you to OWN YOUR KNOWN.  Because, my dear, your creative brain encodes the seed for what you will grow tomorrow.  What do you want to create and experience?  Instead of The Unknown you have been invoking (and fearing), how about you admit you have the power to use your mind to create something better in its place? Wouldn’t that be great?  No more worries.  No more fear.

You complete the sentence any way you want.  “What if _________ ?”

(That blank is the reality you are in the process of creating.)

This is a self-centered request.  While you are busy creating your world, you are also impacting mine.  I am holding my fist in the air:  A symbol of solidarity and support for your amazing brain’s creative power!  Instead of focusing on what we do not want, let’s create the world we want!

We Own Our Known!