Your Body.
That is Plenty.

Your body provides the spatial framework for you to experience the world and to be part of it.

Everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch forms your experience.
It is your body that is the interface between you and your world.

Your body is not in isolation from the world but embedded in the world with millions of other bodies and trillions of other objects.

You do not first become aware of your body and then, subsequently, use it to engage with the world. You experience the world through your body, and your body is revealed to you in your exploration of the world.

It is your body that communicates your experience to you. It is your body that shows you your world. It reveals the fact that you are here, where you are.

Your body is not just a vehicle, it is the object of your self that steps you into the world; that relates; that reports back. It is the way you are alive.
How do you appreciate your body?

With what you put into it: quality food, air, liquid, movements.
With where you put it: quality environments.
With how you upkeep it: quality care and attention.
With every moment, in time…when you surrender to the possibility that you are…enough.

In this heady world of thinking, figuring out, solving, concentrating, expecting…sometimes you may overlook what is enough: to be in your body, listening to your breath, observing the place within which you really live.

That, is plenty.