Your Inner Image is Not Something Only You See…Your Private Thing That No One Else Knows About. No, No. No, Sirree. It Is Very Much What Everyone Else Sees…and Maybe Exactly What You DON’T.

Your Inner Image is Your Product:  It’s what is available and accessible to the world.

What people see, feel and believe about you is the restuls of [what amounts to] your marketing…

Your Marketing: Is and has been how you present yourself, and what you lead people to expect of you and from you.

Your Product Development:  Is and has been your choice to develop your Inner Image, after receiving feedback…so you get the opportunity for updated, new or different feedback.

Most people do not even stop to consider what their Inner Image is.  Have you?

Your Inner Image is so familiar to you that can hardly perceive it.  That’s why feedback is necessary.

Feedback from the world around you (people, people) is the key to learning about yourself.  It is only through others that you find out what your Inner Image is.  You are not who you imagine yourself to be until you get confirmation that you are happening outside of you.  What you project to the world, on a regular basis, is the unconscious manifestation of your Inner Image. The outer world cannot help but to reflect it back to you; that is called feedback.

Feedback.  It is for you.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it…

Your challenge is to take the feedback for what it is:  a reflection of your Inner Image from the outer world.  If you overlook the feedback as ‘just someone else’s opinion’ or something that ‘happens’, you have no data upon which to develop your product.  Rather than taken as valuable data, then used as material for consideration to refine your own expressions, feedback like criticism and praise are often either flatly ignored (in the case of the former) or temporarily embraced (in the case of the latter).

Feedback that is event-based is often regarded from a detached point-of-view, as if you have not been a part of the creation of the events that have impacted you and the world around you.

The fact is, you are both the beginning and the end of the loop of feedback.  Receive yourself.  Take the feedback that confirms what topic you are radiating out to the world around you.  It is specific for you, to you.   It is an update.  A chance to become aware of what you project to others.  The others?  If you are the projector, they are the screen.

Your Inner Image is unique, but it is not meant to be static or fixed.

Your Inner Image is meant to transform.  It is a living expression of your adaptation and flexibility to the feedback life gives you.

When life does not meet your standards or wishes, it is typical to question what is happening, criticize who is involved…to be full of the judgments of shoulds and ought-to’s that easily apply to someone else or something else.  You turn the demand for adaptation and flexibility outward.  You expect the world to adapt and be flexible for you…while you accept the temptation to stay in the illusion of comfort of the seemingly safe expression of yourself.  The resistance to transform is so great that you destroy your very childlike nature by resisting the natural forces of renewal.

What happens when you combat the inevitablefeedback?

Anxiety besets you when you try to deny you have an impact on the world around you.

Anxiety oppresses you when you try to hide from the feedback.

Anxiety torments you when you become so rigid you forget your childlike nature to grow and develop.

You want fulfillment?  Serenity?  Joy?  Love? 

Admit you have an impact.  Cognize information about the image you project.  You will learn about your Inner Image.  About you.

Receive the feedback.  The whole collection.  It is just data.

Enjoy a beginner’s mind.  It is your Inner Image.  You get to do it, any way you want.  Choose what you want to put out there, next.

Feedback is not pressure. 

Just because you get feedback does not mean you have to change yourself to meet someone else’s expectations.  No.

Receiving feedback means only this:  You accept that your Inner Image has a place in this world.  You take responsibility and accountability for the fact that you are relevant; that you have an impact on the world around you.  You exist.

Choosing how to respond to feedback means you are conscious that you exist. 

You can transform your Inner Image in any way you want.  The world around you will give you feedback, again.  Then, again.  It is nothing but a confirmation that you radiate your own extraordinary expression of life.